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Case Study: Scotty’s Junction Dispensary

Nevada-based Cannabis Cultivation Operation Gets a Modular Grow System in Under Nine Weeks

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Scotty’s Junction Dispensary, a Nevada-based Cannabis cultivation operation, required a full turn-key grow operation for their new facility at Scotty’s Junction on the Timbi-Sha Shoshone Reservation, 150 miles north-east of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scotty’s required a modular indoor grow system that would be a fully turn-key operation for all-year-round growing in difficult temperatures. The grow setup needed to provide for propagation, flowering, and drying/curing of Cannabis.

The solution also needed to include a secure vault, staff room, processing room, and a dispensary for retail sales of the finished product.

Scotty’s contracted Box4Grow to build a solution that would allow them to rapidly deploy and scale its operation and maximize yields on a limited site in extremely harsh conditions.

The Box4Grow team designed a modular grow system that utilized the proper insulation, so the box’s differing HVAC systems could meet the needs of the environment near Death Valley. Each room in the modular unit is linked through a single access hallway with security and ease of access from room to room as a top priority while maintaining a closed, sealed environment.

The modular solution included:
1  Propagation Room
4  10-Foot Double-Wide Flower Rooms
1  Staff Room
1  Processing Room
1  Secure Vault
1  Two-Level Dispensary

Box4Grow delivered the modular grow system in less than nine weeks. The system was initially assembled in Box4Grow’s warehouse and then finished on-site at the Scotty’s location.

Each room was carefully constructed using an insulated modular panel system to provide a state-of-the-art growing and processing facility for a fully integrated operation. Panels were insulated to R30 and a central HVAC system was installed to ensure the right temperature for a 24 x 7 x 365 operation in climate extremes.

Scotty's Junction GrowBoxes under construction
Scotty's Junction GrowBoxes under construction

Whether you are a collective, dispensary, or even independent grower, our Box4Grow grow rooms – container, modular, drying & curing, and greenhouse – will enhance the quality and yield of your leafy greens or cannabis crop while reducing your efforts and increasing your profits.

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