Our Commitment to Sustainability

Box4Grow pledges to plant ten trees through Ecologi for every sale made.


Box4Grow Collaborates with Ecologi to Drive Sustainable Impact through Innovative Growing Solutions

We have partnered with Ecologi, a leading environmental organization, to start a sustainability initiative and actively combat deforestation and climate change.

Through the partnership, we pledge to plant ten trees through Ecologi for every sale made, demonstrating our dedication to supporting global reforestation projects. This commitment aligns with our mission to provide sustainable and scalable growing solutions that optimize resource utilization and minimize environmental impact.


10 trees planted with every order
"Our partnership with Ecologi further amplifies our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By joining forces with Ecologi, we are combining our innovative growing solutions with reforestation efforts, creating a positive impact on both food production and environmental preservation."
Greg Payne
CEO, Box4Grow

About Ecologi

Ecologi is a renowned environmental organization committed to combating climate change and reforestation efforts worldwide. Through tree planting projects and carbon offset initiatives, Ecologi aims to restore biodiversity, offset carbon emissions, and create a sustainable future for generations to come. http://www.ecologi.com

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