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Financing Options

Now is the time to grow your business and Box4Grow is here to help you succeed.

Box4Grow has a number of finance options available for both cannabis growers and growers of other crops. Depending on what you are growing, the options are different and our underwriting partners can help secure the funds you need to kick-start your business.

Grow Room Finance
 for Cannabis Growers

NEC Financial Services is a self-funded Direct Lender that has been providing Leasing & Financing services since 1986. With a wide variety of customizable contract structures that offer convenient and affordable fixed monthly payment options, NEC offers 100% financing that can include shipping and installation costs into the transaction, as well as having no down payment options. Headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, the NEC team of financial professionals are available to assist with all of your financing needs with a quick and convenient credit and documentation process. 

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*Be sure to email PDF to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

For All Other Crops – Lease to Buy

We’re collaborating with Contain Inc. to aid our growers in securing financing and insurance. Contain is an alternate finance group dedicated to indoor growers. They are advantaged in that they already have information on our equipment and know the indoor agriculture industry well. They work with growers working in greenhouses, warehouses, and containers. Contain works to fund clients from new startup farms to multi-generational ones. They have also paired with a leading regional insurance broker to create indoor ag-specific insurance. Check them out at

The process is simple: sign up on Contain’s platform to complete a simple application.

Whether you are a collective, dispensary, or even independent grower, our Box4Grow grow rooms – container, modular, drying & curing, and greenhouse – will enhance the quality and yield of your leafy greens or cannabis crop while reducing your efforts and increasing your profits.

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