"Be Ready to Operate in 12 Weeks, Instead of 12 months!"

Florida's ONLY "Rapidly Built" Indoor Grow Facility Provider for the States' NEW Grower Program!

With over 250 “rapidly built” & delivered Indoor Grow Facilities, we are the USA’ #1 solution for growers with time demands and speed to market pressures. (and the ONLY one here in the great State of Florida!) Our Modular Grow Systems are the ultimate turnkey Growing Facility to rapidly streamline the start-up process.

Get Up & Running in Just 12 Weeks!

Box4Grow solutions enable a rapid and efficient way to launch or expand your operation. Our turn-key fully operational and automated grow facility designs streamline the start-up process to enable the generation of revenue in as little time as possible.

With Box4Grow, your time to value is measured in weeks, not months.

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We determine the optimum setup and environment for your requirements, and our engineers customize a design that fits your space and budget. 

Extensive Design Experience

We analyze customer requirements and create a recommendation for the right solution. 

  • Site Analysis
  • Site design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electronics Design

These are iterative stages where we ensure our customers have the optimum design for their facility.


Our experienced build team works with you throughout the process to create your own unique, state-of-the art growing environment and meets the design you have specified.


This is what we do…

We have invested in R&D over the last five years to ensure our boxes are state-of-the-art and contain the best components to maximize the potential of a limited grow space.

With our experience in supplying closed environment solutions to cultivators, and over 247 delivered grow boxes across the USA, we know how to build the right solution to meet our customer’s needs.

Deliver & Install

We build our grow boxes in New York and New Jersey and deliver worldwide. Most of our turn-key solutions are ready to go upon delivery and we are available to support your installation on arrival.

Deliver & Install

Once boxes are completed, we arrange delivery and prepare our customers for their arrival. If required, our team will help set up your new facility.

Our rigorous testing and pre-departure process ensures that all internal systems are locked in for the journey and that your new facility is delivered and quality checked.

Upon request, we also offer onsite installation services.

Our Customers

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Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is a typical lead time?

Our lead time is twelve weeks from receipt of a deposit.

What is the approximate yield on a 40-foot growbox?

Our 40-foot boxes can produce as much as 180 pounds per year over five harvests and, depending on the strain of your crop, it can produce more. Typically a 40ft Propagation unit will provide rotation for up to 4 40ft Flower rooms so that you can achieve the maximum yield.

Do you provide Consulting Services?

We are available to work with you to ensure our you have the optimal design for your growing needs. During the design process, we advise on fertigation systems, hydroponics, lighting for optimal growth, linking our rooms, and after sales help.

Are your boxes plug and play?

Yes, all that is required is access to electrical setup and water access. The box is ready to go once connected.

Do you provide onsite support when the box is delivered?

No, we do not provide onsite staff unless we have agreed to locally install our modular system where connections, hallways, etc. are required. We also work with local compliance and contractors to help you through the process if we are not doing your local work.

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