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Drying, Curing & Storage Room Units

A controlled drying and curing process is key to maintaining proper levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and preventing mold and mildew. Our drying rooms ensure you are able to vary and control temperature, vapor pressure (dew point) and air flow – giving you pinpoint control of relative humidity.

Drying, Curing & Storage Room Units

Offering the precision control needed to achieve optimal flavor and correct moisture levels for your cannabis plants.


The number of unique programmable steps in the 7” Touchscreen Control Interface


The number of pounds of crop you can process with a 40′ box and 20′ X 8′ processing and trimming room

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Probability customers/patients can expect the same beautifully smokable flowers and quality product every day

20-foot and 40-foot Dry and Curing Boxes

Consistent control of temperature and vapor pressure is critical to the successful drying and curing of cannabis flowers. Traditional HVAC systems are known to cause erratic conditions in drying and curing spaces and can create a potentially disastrous situation for products that need stable, controlled environments.

Box4Grow dry curing units are fully automated systems that cure flowers in 8 days.

Using the Vaportrol™  Technology from, you can achieve a stable water activity level in 4 days. After reaching stable levels, the threat of mold is eliminated and the curing process can begin, running anywhere from 4-30 days depending on production cycles and the taste profile you are looking for. The key to successful drying and curing is to achieve a stable water activity level. Rushing the dry cycle will result in harsh smoke, but not drying quickly enough can result in mold formation. The Box4Grow dry/cure unit offers the precision control needed to achieve optimal flavor and correct moisture levels.

Standard Purchasing Terms

We ask for a minimum of 50% deposit upfront payment on signed order, and a further partial payment of 25% of the remaining balance after 4 weeks or when 75% of the build is completed, and the remaining final payment upon collection from our facility or delivery to your premises.

  • Delivery – We can arrange delivery to any location and can include this in the total cost of the grow box.
  • Taxes – We collect sales tax on the sale of all our grow rooms in the states where sales tax applies.

It takes between 8 and 10 weeks to complete a grow box, depending on requirements and our workload. Delivery time is dependent on location and freight delivery timeframes.

Whether you are a collective, dispensary, or even independent grower, our Box4Grow grow rooms – container, modular, drying & curing, and greenhouse – will enhance the quality and yield of your leafy greens or cannabis crop while reducing your efforts and increasing your profits.

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