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Box4Grow and Ecologi Collaborate to Drive Sustainable Impact through Innovative Growing Solutions

Partnership aims to revolutionize controlled-environment agriculture and combat deforestation

[New Hampton, NY – June 15, 2023] – Box4Grow, a trailblazer in controlled-environment agriculture, today announced the company has partnered with Ecologi, a leading environmental organization, to start a sustainability initiative and actively combat deforestation and climate change. 

Box4Grow revolutionizes the growing process, offering a proven turnkey solution for cultivators seeking to streamline their start-up process and overcome the challenges posed by climate change, compliance, and limited space. With Box4Grow’s rapid-to-deploy modular grow solutions, cultivators experience significantly higher yields in shorter timeframes compared to traditional production methods.

“Our partnership with Ecologi further amplifies our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility,” said Greg Payne, CEO of Box4Grow. “By joining forces with Ecologi, we are combining our innovative growing solutions with reforestation efforts, creating a positive impact on both food production and environmental preservation.”

Through the partnership, Box4Grow pledges to plant ten trees through Ecologi for every sale made, demonstrating their dedication to supporting global reforestation projects. This commitment aligns with Box4Grow’s mission to provide sustainable and scalable growing solutions that optimize resource utilization and minimize environmental impact.

“Our collaboration with Box4Grow reinforces our shared vision of a sustainable future,” said Justin Jarman, CEO of Ecologi. “Through this partnership, we can make a meaningful impact on reforestation and combat climate change while promoting innovative and sustainable growing practices.”

Box4Grow’s commitment to sustainability, scalability, and rapid time-to-value positions them as an industry leader in controlled-environment agriculture. Their solutions empower cultivators with optimal growing environments and precise control over lighting and temperature, enabling them to thrive in the competitive horticulture landscape. By mitigating risks associated with extreme temperatures and weather events, cultivators can achieve higher crop yields and maintain crop quality consistently.

Unlike traditional greenhouse operations, Box4Grow’s closed environment in their grow rooms prevents contamination by pests and diseases. This reduction in pests and diseases translates to lower reliance on pesticides and chemicals, leading to healthier, higher quality crops and a safer growing environment for cultivators and consumers alike.

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About Box4Grow

Box4Grow is a pioneering provider of eco-friendly, turnkey growing solutions that revolutionize controlled-environment agriculture. Their innovative modular grow rooms empower cultivators to optimize yields, reduce environmental impact, and overcome the challenges of limited space and climate change.

Ecologi-LogoAbout Ecologi

Ecologi is a renowned environmental organization committed to combating climate change and reforestation efforts worldwide. Through tree planting projects and carbon offset initiatives, Ecologi aims to restore biodiversity, offset carbon emissions, and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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