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Cannabis is among the fastest-growing industries in the nation, and more growers than ever are looking to set up or scale their operations.

Whether you’re a collective of friends, a dispensary a hobby grower or a small business owner trying to capitalize on cannabis industry expansion, an array of challenges face you in sourcing space for all year round growing and scaling your operation.

The primary issue is indoor space, finding and keeping one costs money. Even if budget isn’t an issue, most states’ zoning regulations for cannabis grows – which dictate certain distances that must be maintained from schools, parks, libraries etc, make finding a space difficult. Even if you do manage to track down a compliant location, most buildings won’t rent space for growing cannabis. If you do find a space, you are still faced with the task of outfitting it and ensuring your grow can be productive all year round in any weather.

What are Shipping Container Farms?

Shipping container farms are customizable, grow facilities designed to help operations of all sizes to rapidly start growing or scale. There are specialized companies who offer these upcycled shipping containers fully outfitted as grow rooms to meet this demand.

Upcycled containers come complete with insulation, lighting, dehumidifiers, air filtration and temperature control, and can sit on private property or within an existing warehouse – just hook them up to water and power, and they’re ready to grow the day they’re delivered.

The beauty of these kinds of facilities lies in the ability to build a uniquely scalable operation that fits any grower’s specifications. Meanwhile, established grows are able to adapt to rapidly changing markets using these turn-key containers. For example, experimenting can be carried out without interruption to other grow areas of the operation.

Companies like Box4Grow offer 3 sizes so that operations that want to start out small with a 10-foot box as the base can build from there by increasing the number and size of container. For operations that grow large enough to nurture numerous plants through various stages of development at once, larger boxes in 20’ and 40’ options can be configured specifically for the flowering, vegging, cloning, and curing stages. In states that permit vertical integration of cannabis businesses, even those who wish to add processing and packaging capabilities can do so with the addition of another box in the same choice of sizes.

Benefits of Shipping Container Farms

For growers with limited space, shipping containers can stack on top of one another on private property such as a farm or backyard, or in an existing warehouse. This keeps grow footprints to a minimum while still maintaining high yields. Growing cannabis indoors means that you have better control over your growing environment because you can provide your plants with the optimal lighting and temperature it needs.

With a shipping container farm, you get the benefits of a fixed grow space with less cost. Moving an operation or closing it down is simple. No costly lease get out’s or wasted fit-outs, your Grow Box Container can be sold, and all the permits go with it.

How to Get Started

Container Grow Rooms & Modular Grow rooms are affordable and the return on investment can be realized in months rather than years. 

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Whether you are a collective, dispensary, or even an independent grower, our grow rooms – container, modular and  light gauge steel structures – will enhance the quality and yield of your leafy greens or cannabis crop while reducing your efforts and increasing your profits.

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