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Cannabis growers are happy with the fact that the cultivation of cannabis is quickly picking up pace and has given birth to an active cannabis community. It is a lucrative business that can generate thousands of dollars in profits. In 2016, the sale of cannabis via legal means brought $5.4 billion in revenue. Further, it is estimated that by 2026 the sale of cannabis would sky-rocket, resulting in the establishment of a $50 billion marijuana industry.

Cannabis cultivation requires substantial growing space. However, these days cannabis is often cultivated in closed environments due to weather limitations and to alleviate pests. As a result, the sale of warehouses, greenhouses, and shipping containers has also increased. But, it is not always easy to buy the right solution, however, a shipping container that is corrosion-free and not vulnerable to any environmental damage is the lowest cost alternative that will give you the highest returns per sq ft.

What things to consider when buying shipping container to grow cannabis?

The quality of cannabis is directly related to the quality of shipping containers. It determines important factors such as how often the plant should be watered, how much heat reaches the plant, and how it affects them. For instance, shipping containers that are made up of composite materials are resistant to attacks by mold, mildew, pests, and/or rot that can greatly damage your marijuana operation.

Once you choose a suitable shipping container, install grow lights, fans, and air conditioners to keep it temperature controlled. Indoor cannabis equipment such as hygro-thermometers, pH test kits, and dehumidifiers are also necessary for maintaining a perfect environment to grow cannabis.
Growing cannabis indoors is no less than a challenge. Managing the environment indoors is difficult and can affect your yields. Since shipping containers are tightly sealed, a balanced environment is created for the growth of high-quality cannabis.

What are the advantages of growing cannabis in a converted shipping container?

Shipping containers give you the freedom to cultivate cannabis with ease and without being judged. As discussed earlier, growing cannabis requires substantial space and strict legal restrictions and has made it even more difficult to find a suitable place to cultivate cannabis.
Shipping containers provide you the freedom to choose the location of your choice. They are handy and can be easily re-located or stacked if you need more space for growing cannabis without the need for more land.
Shipping containers are more enclosed and better controlled with an engineered environment, this is the reason why they are resistant to pests, powdery mildew, and mold. Shipping containers also increase the potency and quality of the end products.

Where can you buy a shipping container from?

With worsening climatic conditions, the demand for growing cannabis in shipping containers has increased. GrowBoxco provides state-of-the-art shipping containers that can be customized as per customers’ requirements. The company builds 10’, 20’, and 40′ shipping containers to make sure that the yields are productive and pesticide-free, while giving you the options to scale your business.
We make state-of-the-art shipping containers that ensure sufficient insulation, lighting, dehumidification, air filtration, and temperature control, and can be placed either on private property or within an existing warehouse. In addition, growing cannabis indoors means that you have better control over your cultivation environment.

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Whether you are a collective, dispensary, or even an independent grower, our grow rooms – container, modular and  light gauge steel structures – will enhance the quality and yield of your leafy greens or cannabis crop while reducing your efforts and increasing your profits.


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