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Marijuana storage

Cannabis growers and dispensary owners understand that storing their cannabis products correctly is crucial. Cannabis storage involves more than just following the regulations. It’s how you preserve the freshness, quality, and potency of your cannabis for much longer. Improper storage may cause the deterioration of essential compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These compounds give cannabis its distinct aromas, flavors, and effects. Poorly stored cannabis can also be vulnerable to contaminants like mildew, mold, bacteria, and pests, compromising your products’ safety and efficacy.

That’s why your business needs the best commercial cannabis storage setup. Let’s explore some solutions and tips for storing cannabis in ideal conditions. You’ll also learn how Box4Grow is the ultimate solution for cannabis storage.

Best Cannabis Storage Solutions

Many factors may affect the cannabis plant’s quality and shelf life. These may include temperature, air, light, humidity, and pests. You’ll need to manage all these factors to create a stable and ideal environment for your plant. Choosing the proper containers for your plant is crucial. Consider these factors before selecting your hemp storage container:

  • Material. Your container’s material should be airtight, light-proof, and highly durable. Glass jars are a highly effective and preferred option because they’re transparent, seal well, and are easy to clean. However, they allow light penetration and break easily. Although plastic containers are less heavy and more affordable, they might allow contaminants into your plant and cause degradation. Ceramic containers are also an excellent choice since they can block light and offer a decent seal. However, they’re often heavy and fragile. While metal containers are usually opaque and sturdy, they could also dent and rust.
  • Shape. The container’s shape should let you reach your buds easily. A container with a complicated lid or a narrow opening will make it hard to access your weed. Avoid using a container with sharp edges that might cut your fingers. Choose a container with a simple lid and a wide mouth for proper hemp storage. 
  • Size. The container’s size should always match the cannabis amount you need to store. Avoid using a container that’s too big or too small for your plant. A big container will leave excess air space within, affecting your plant’s humidity and oxygen levels. On the other hand, a small container will compress your buds and ultimately destroy the trichomes. Choose a container with sufficient space for your hemp plant without leaving too little or too much room.
  • Color. The container’s color should filter out or block harmful light rays that could degrade your plant. Light can break down your terpenes and cannabinoids over time, reducing cannabis potency and flavor. Avoid using a container with a bright color that attracts heat or attention. A container with an opaque color is excellent for hemp storage. 

Here are several examples of suitable cannabis storage containers:

  • Mason jars. These glass containers typically have metal lids with rubber seals. They’re easy to use, widely available, and inexpensive. They prevent moisture gain or loss and seal well. However, they’re also fragile and usually allow light penetration. In such a case, store them in a dark environment or wrap them in an opaque material.
  • CVault containers. These containers are made of stainless steel and typically consist of silicone seals and latches. Such containers are designed for hemp storage and are available in different sizes. They block out light entirely and offer a decent seal. They also comprise in-built holders for humidity packs to regulate the container’s internal moisture level.
  • Tightvac containers. They contain push-button lids that make a vacuum seal when shut. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and highly durable. They prevent odor leakage and seal well. However, since they’re not entirely light-proof or airtight, you should consider using an additional bag inside or storing them in a dark environment. 

How to Preserve Marijuana

cannabis hanging to dry

Although preserving marijuana involves storing it correctly, you should also know how to prepare it well before storage. Drying and curing are the two primary processes for preparing marijuana for storage.

Drying involves eliminating excess moisture from recently harvested marijuana plants. Excess water can attract bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. Such conditions can damage your product and cause health problems. That’s why you must dry marijuana correctly before storing it. Hang your plants upside down in a well-ventilated area for 7–10 days. You’ll also need to monitor the humidity and temperature levels while avoiding heat sources and direct sunlight.

Curing involves further drying the weed in an airtight container once you’ve dried it. Proper curing of marijuana before storage is essential. It enhances the product’s quality, flavor, aroma, and potency by allowing the terpenes and cannabinoids to mature and stabilize. You should place your dried buds in glass containers and seal them firmly to cure marijuana properly. Store the containers in a dark, cool, and dry environment for 2-4 weeks for optimal results. Ensure you open the jars for around 15 minutes daily to release excess oxygen and moisture and monitor mold or mildew signs.

Perfect Humidity for Weed Storage

Humidity is a crucial factor in storing marijuana. Humidity (RH) describes the concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere compared to the maximum quantity that the atmosphere can hold at a specific temperature.

Humidity may affect your weed’s quality in various ways. These may include your buds’ texture, aroma, flavor, potency, and safety. It may also influence the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on your buds. As such, knowing the best humidity for weed storage is essential.

The perfect humidity for weed storage ranges from 55% to 65% RH. Such a range enables your buds to retain sufficient moisture to avoid becoming harsh or brittle while preventing them from getting moldy or too moist. Your buds could become slimy, sticky, or soggy if the humidity exceeds 65% RH. They might also develop bacteria, mold, or mildew. These conditions may destroy your buds’ overall quality and cause health problems. Moldy buds may have a fuzzy appearance, a stinky smell, or a faded texture. They could also release toxins that trigger allergic reactions or certain respiratory infections.

Your buds will become dry, dusty, or crumbly if the humidity falls below 55% RH. They might also lose their cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavor. Dry buds usually have a dull appearance, a hay-like smell, and a harsh taste. Such buds can also emit more tar and smoke that irritates your lungs and throat.

A hygrometer is necessary to measure your storage area’s humidity. You’ll also need a humidifier or dehumidifier to adjust the humidity. A humidifier adds moisture to the atmosphere by releasing mist or water vapor. On the other hand, a dehumidifier typically removes moisture from the atmosphere by condensing it into liquid.

Other additional options may affect whether you achieve the ideal cannabis storage humidity level. You could opt for natural materials like rice, salt, orange peels, or silica gel to help control your container’s humidity. Rice and salt may help absorb excess moisture from your storage area’s atmosphere. On the other hand, orange peels and silica gel may help release moisture into the atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can control your container’s humidity using specialized products like Boveda packs or humidity packs. These packets contain water and salt that help regulate your container’s humidity levels by absorbing or releasing moisture as required. They typically come in different RH levels and sizes to suit your needs.

How to Store Cannabis Long Term

Long-term cannabis storage requires you to follow similar steps to storing marijuana short-term but with a few extra precautions. Long-term cannabis storage means preserving it for at least six months to a year. Your cannabis may still deteriorate or degrade if not stored correctly during this time.

Here are some helpful tips on how to store cannabis long-term:

  • Cure your buds correctly before storing them. The process can enhance your cannabis quality and longevity by eliminating excess moisture and improving your buds’ aroma, flavor, and potency.
  • Use airtight jars or containers that prevent odor leakage and block out light. Airtight containers may protect your weed from oxygen, contaminants, and light that may degrade or ruin your buds over time.
  • Use humidity packs or similar devices to regulate your containers’ internal moisture level. Humidity packs or such devices will help maintain the ideal humidity for weed storage by absorbing or releasing moisture as required. 
  • Ensure your storage containers remain in a cool, dark, and dry space away from windows, vents, or heat sources. Such an environment will protect your marijuana from harmful exposure to light rays, air currents, or temperature fluctuations. Such factors can affect your buds’ quality and potency.
  • Ensure your containers have strain names, harvest dates, and storage dates. Labeling your containers will help you keep up with your inventory and avoid mix-ups or confusion.
  • Check your containers frequently for signs of pests, mold, or degradation. That way, you detect any potential problems early and act accordingly. 
  • You should consume cannabis between 6 and 12 months if you’re looking for the best quality and potency. Taking your hemp within this period will ensure you enjoy your buds’ full benefits and effects.


Storing cannabis properly is crucial for preserving its aroma, flavor, quality, potency, and safety. Choosing the best cannabis storage solutions is vital whether you’re considering short-term or long-term marijuana storage. Cannabis growers need to preserve their marijuana well while maintaining the best humidity level and other optimal conditions.

Storing cannabis might be strenuous and time-consuming for some people. Besides investing in suitable storage containers, products, and devices, you’ll monitor and adjust certain conditions. These may include your storage container’s humidity, temperature, air, and light. You’ll also have to check and replace your storage containers regularly.

You should consider Box4Grow if you’re looking to simplify your hemp storage process. Our team dedicates itself to delivering innovative and personalized solutions for commercial cannabis drying, curing, and storage. We can help improve your business by designing the best commercial cannabis storage setup. It will enhance your cannabis quality and profitability. It will also help you save space, time, money, and energy that you could use to improve your business.

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